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BVC (Butterfly Valve Control)

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MAC Systems has developed a simple and cost effective system for remote control and automation of butterfly valves. Eliminating the need for an expensive electric actuator, MAC Systems gear and motor control unit is a simple solution for remote control and automation.


The telemetry unit can be configured as a standalone unit with a mobile connection (DN300-SA) for installations where only one or two sites are required. The telemetry unit can also be configured to operate as a gateway (DN300-GW) to communicate with other monitoring and/or control sites or as a radio (DN300-RN) that communicates to a gateway located at another location.


The telemetry unit can also be used to monitor other devices within close proximity, such as a flow meter, weather station, channel level, and others.


Via the button modules, the valve can be opened, closed, stopped, and calibrated from the device - or remotely from the website. The calibration process allows the fully opened and fully closed positions to be set, allowing users to remotely view the state of the valve. Valves can be opened to a variable percentage position if required.


SMS and email alerts can be raised when a fault occurs on an open or close command.

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