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Pump Management Solutions

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Having the security of knowing the status of your pump at any time is critical for efficient operations. MAC Systems remote engine/pump monitoring and control solutions provide remote access to the state of your engine and pump via our web interface. This gives you the confidence of knowing what is happening at all times and when you need to know, especially if a problem or fault arises. Should the pump shut down at any time, you will be notified by either SMS, email, or both.


We provide remote monitoring and control for electric or diesel pump systems with configurable solutions to suit your needs. Whether you need a simple solution or a more integrated pump monitoring and control system, we can provide the right tools for you.


MAC Systems DataNodes allows users to:


- Remotely start and stop pumps

- Monitor the run state of the pump and raise an alert on shut down  via SMS, email, or both

- Monitor associated sensors such as flow, pressure, level, record data for historical viewing, raise alerts on conditions outside of normal operating ranges and link sensor data to control functions – such as turn pump on when tank water level reaches a low level

- Monitor diesel tank level and raise alerts on a low level.

- Monitor power consumption at electric sites and raise alerts on power failures.














We can provide simple solutions that can turn your pump off on sensor conditions, such as pressure or flow. For more comprehensive protection and management of your pumps, we can also interface to diesel management panels such as Kensho, where we can read all monitored sensors, such as engine temperature, coolant level, battery voltage, pressure, raise alerts on fault shutdowns, provide remote start and stop functions and remote throttle control to adjust RPM.


With electric pumps, we can also provide a simple start, stop, run state, and alert on shutdown solutions, or we can connect to a range of variable speed drives, such as ABB and Zenner for more complete management systems.


With the addition of low-cost plug-in I/O modules, your systems can be cost-effectively upgraded for more functionality when required. 

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