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Remote Tank Level Monitoring

The MAC Systems tank level monitoring system provides remote web-based access to your tank water levels. Data can be viewed as a graph (for current and historical records), or as gauge displays, showing current levels, percentage full, or volumes. 

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The tank level kits are available as stand-alone 3G/4G cellular units and, in the case of installations with multiple sites, they can be linked together through a radio network.

Alert notifications can be programmed to send messages via SMS, email, or both at critical levels. This way, you are made aware at any time of possible problems at the sites. 

With the addition of low-cost input or output modules, sites can be easily upgraded to monitor a wide range of sensors including flow, pressure, rain gauges, weather stations, and more. With the addition of output modules, the units can allow remote control of pumps and other irrigation infrastructures - including irritators.

With the appropriate sensors, we can also monitor fuel or diesel tank levels. 

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