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Williams Smith Farming


We run a 1800 acre irrigation property at Serpentine in Victoria. Growing winter grains our layout comprises 3 pivoting lateral irrigator, 2 bore sites, (one with a vari speed drive),  6 irrigation channels and numerous supply channels. 2 of the irrigators were delivered with a basic monitoring system however this proved to be unreliable with the rest of the system monitored by a bum in a ute seat! We spent some time looking for someone who could offer a complete solution and had many companies tell us they could only do part of what we were looking for until speaking with Adrian from Macsystems.  We want a simple cost effective system that would allow us to monitor basic functions like flow rate, fuel level and run states as well as let us control basic functions remotely.  Adrian developed a customer system for us that is easy to use and very cost effective. We can now view and control the 3 irrigators and 2 bore sites through our phones allowing us to adjust pump outputs, monitor fuel levels and most importantly receive alert when something goes wrong.   The other benfit of the systems design is how easy it is to expand the network with plans for channel level, GPS and weather stations down the track. We have multiple properties 30km apart, and before we fitted this system someone had to always be onsite when we were operating to check the system every few hours. Now we can work remotely and simply go out to the machines when required.


Robin Smith


Williams Smith Farming

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