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Soil Moisture

and Weather Station

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Remote access to your soil moisture, weather sensors, weather station, and other sensors provides you with immediate data to assist in making informed decisions.


Whether it is about the efficiency of your last/current irrigation, the effect of recent rain events, the amount of water your crop is using and which depth your cropping is extracting water from, or simply making decisions about when you should irrigate next and for how long, these sensors can help you in all the fundamental management decisions in order to use water more efficiently and profitably. 


Data from weather sensors or weather stations is available from your computer or any web-enabled device, allowing you to monitor prevailing weather conditions and historical data. With an increasing range of modeled data, we can provide farm management tools, based on your weather data to calculate such parameters as DeltaT, chill units, growing degree days, dew point, inversion layers, with additional features being added.


We can configure the display of data on your web site to your requirements for ease of use.

MAC Systems provides a flexible platform on which to build a weather monitoring or install a weather station solution. Individual weather sensors can be connected to the DataNodes for monitoring parameters of interest such as rain, air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction, solar radiation, water quality and many more.


For installations where all sensors are required, we can provide an easy and cost-effective interface to a full weather station. In most cases, this is the most cost-effective option compared with connecting individual sensors.


Data from the sensors or weather station are displayed on the web site, in a configurable dashboard display that can be set up to your requirements.


Our system can be configured for users to select the sensors, parameters, and levels for alerting via SMS and email. Examples of these are high or low temperatures, wind speed, or any other parameters that you need to be alerted on during critical times. This may be for potential frost conditions, spray management,  or other management practices.

To download an example of a comprehensive (configurable) dashboard for the weather station please click here.

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