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The DN200-SA is a four channel radio telemetry unit, suitable for monitoring and/or control applications, where no more than four inputs or outputs are required at the location.

The DN200-SA connects to the network via a modem. This unit is suitable where there is 4G mobile coverage and where a small number of sites are required, that are spread over a wider area.


If a radio network is installed at a later time, the modem can be removed from the unit and replaced with a radio module, either the 0.25W or 1.0W, WiFi (if a local area network is available), satellite, and yet-to-be-released Lora Radio.

Depending on the solutions required at the site, there are a range of modules available that plug into the main board.

• Tank and channel level monitoring

• Weather station or weather sensors

• Soil moisture

• Flow meter, pressure sensor, flow switch

• Pump control – electric or diesel

• Solenoid control

• Water quality sensors

For installations where there will likely be a requirement for more than four inputs or outputs at a later date, it is advisable to use a DN300-SA, which has 8 channels. DN200-SA is supplied with:

• Enclosure

• Main board

• Modem

• Solar panel

• Mounting brackets

• Battery holder

• 10 x AA NiMH batteries

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