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WVC (Wireless Valve Control)

The MAC-WVC is a wireless valve control system that has been designed as a cost effective alternative to cabling.


MAC - WVC Application

The MAC - WVC can be used for replacing broken cable or tubing where repairs or replacement of damaged cable or tubing is expensive or not practical. The system can also be used for new installations where wireless valve control is preferred. The MAC-WVC system is compatible with most irrigation controllers, excluding 2 wire decoder systems.


MAC - WVC Interface

The MAC - WVC interface board connects to the outputs on the irrigation controller, and can control up to 8 valves. 3 additional 8 channel expansion boards can be connected allowing up to a total of 32 valves to be controlled. The interface board can be powered using the 240V plug pack, or where mains power is not available, solar/battery power can be used. The interface unit comes with a 3.5” touch screen, allowing easy viewing of the system, including status of valves – open or closed, battery voltages of field nodes and radio signal strengths

The solar powered field node controls a single 2 wire 12VDC latching solenoid via radio communication to the interface board at the controller.


Broken cable and valve not operating?

• Simply install the 8 channel interface board at the controller.

• Remove the wiring of the broken cable site/s from the irrigation controller and connect to the interface board.

• Install the field node at the valve location, set the unit ID and fit a 12VDC latching solenoid.


The MAC-WVC interface unit includes:

• Enclosure

• 8 channel board with radio and system status screen

• Antenna and antenna mount

• 240V plug pack (solar and battery are additional if required)

The MAC-WVC field node includes

• Enclosure

• Solenoid control board with radio

• 2dB antenna (higher gain antennas can be connected if required for further transmission distances).

• Battery and solar panel with mounts – (does not include the 2 wire 12VDC latching solenoid)


Please note that transmission distances will vary depending on a number of factors including height that the antennas are mounted, obstructions or vegetation between the controller/interface board and field nodes. With the standard 2dB antennas that are supplied with the field nodes, transmission distances of approximately 500m are achievable. With the optional 6.5dB antennas and extension cables for elevating the antennas, transmission distance of around 5km are possible.  

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WVC - diagram


WVC System

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